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Unless you speak Arabic, are willing to take your own life into your hands by driving in Cairo, or you want to try to figure out the unpredictable transportation schedules, then you NEED a travel company to help you plan your vacation in Egypt. (And, Egypt for Americans is exceptional!

American and Canadian Tourists trust a stranger

My husband, born and raised in Egypt, went to Egypt a few months ago. Although he did this for years, he traveled again to the sites we offer on our tours. He wanted to make sure we deliver our high value tour packages.  Rather than driving (even he admits the driving is crazy) or using one of our drivers, he chose to use the public transportation for a portion of this adventure.  In particular, he decided to take the train from Luxor to Aswan.  As he was waiting (the train hadn’t arrived yet), several people noticed his KC Royals shirt.  These people, from Canada and the United States, felt maybe, just maybe he might speak English. 

Thankfully, they took the chance on him.  The travelers were struggling, because the only thing in English at the train station was my husband’s shirt (maybe a slight exaggeration).  The train schedule was in Arabic, the signs denoting the train terminals were in Arabic, and most people spoke Arabic.  Lucky for them, my husband is #1 fluent in English and #2 fluent in Egyptian travel.  As a result, Amr invited them to travel with him to Aswan.  They willingly boarded the same train and had a delightful time riding the train to Aswan.  At this point, I also must acknowledge the bravery of those travelers for blindingly trusting a stranger. 

Touring Egypt with a Travel Agency will save you time and efforts

The point of this whole story is that those people lost about 3 hours of touring while waiting in the station. They would have lost even more time trying to figure out what to do, had my husband not arrived.  Sure, they would have arrived in Aswan eventually, and they might have had an exciting tale to tell. They would have arrived many hours after they had.  It would have been chalked up as an adventure, but in the midst of that adventure, they’d have missed many more experiences.

My first experience in Egypt

When I first went to Egypt with my friend Jenny, we knew we wanted to go with a tour company.  By this time we had traveled without a tour company in Italy and France, but we decided to use a tour company in Peru.  We knew we loved the private tour provided through our Peru company (as opposed to a small group tour) and looked for the same opportunity in Egypt.  It was just what we needed. 

We were picked up at the airport, provided information about our hotel and given the lay of the land.  We didn’t have to rely on others to be ready on time, and we even got to see what interested us.  On our trip we were provided expert Egyptologists who increased our knowledge and understanding about Egypt.  As we sat in the vehicle traveling from one site to the next and listening to our amazing guides, we knew we would never have enjoyed our trip had we tried to do it alone.  

Why Egypt For Americans

Obviously, the tour company I would recommend is Egypt for Americans.  Egypt For Americans does not only have the Egyptian expert you need in Egypt for your Egypt tour, but also we have the Egyptian expert here in the US sharing the knowledge and expertise you need to plan the best Egyptian experience for you and your party. I also recommend it because it is the company I would have loved to use when visiting Egypt.  My husband and I have talked with countless people about their travel experiences.  We’ve learned what people like and what they really don’t like.  As we’ve questioned and developed the company, we’ve incorporated many of those desires into our company.  I’m sure once you travel with us you will agree that we truly have you in mind when developing Egyptian adventures.

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