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Best Egypt tours for Americans... the authentic food to indulge, the awe-inspiring sights to explore, the amazing history to learn, and the locals to mingle with. Your trip to Egypt from the USA is made by Americans for Americans. Our Egyptian tours' expert is based here in the US to guide you for a life time tour experience in Egypt.



Egypt For Americans review

David P.

Feb 13, 2020


" I have traveled extensively abroad and have even taken groups to South America so I feel comfortable in different countries, but I understand that many people do not. After reading everything about different travel companies I decided to visit and tour Egypt using EGYPT FOR AMERICANS. Upon arriving in Cairo I was met at the airport by someone authorized to be behind security. They walked me through getting my visa, security, and took my luggage to the van. Then I was taken to my hotel which was as promised a five star establishment. The next day I went down to the lobby where both my guide and driver were waiting on me. It was like that every day. While in Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan and everything in between my guides were there to share about the history and exquisite architecture that Egypt has to offer. These guides were professionals who knew more than I ever imagined. I was amazed to learn how they built the pyramids and that the Egyptians were performing surgeries in 2700 BC. While there I also met some wonderful people. I always felt safe and even went out on the street at night to just watch the people go about their daily lives. It was a spectacular eight days and I am very grateful for the travel package Egypt for Americans put together for me. The care I was given from the time I arrived until I left was impeccable. I would recommend EGYPT FOR AMERICANS for any American traveling to Egypt."

Egypt For Americans review

Ronald T.

Jan 11, 2020

My experience in Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS was stellar.

"The treatment we received in Egypt was soooo great. I must say a word about our guide in upper Egypt, Magdy.  He was the highlight of our trip.  He made the places we visited come alive with beautiful and informative background stories to accompany our sightseeing experiences." 

Michael R. Egypt For Americans Review

Michael R.

Oct 9, 2019

Travel to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS and Change Your Life

"My family and I traveled to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, and you will not find a more accommodating and capable travel company anywhere in the world. Amr and his team made our trip in Egypt so seamless and easy I wish we could've had them plan our trips elsewhere. From the cruise they organized for us, to the tour guide they had accompany our family on the boat, to the farewell dinner overlooking a Greco-Roman Temple, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS provided a world class finish from start to end.
I will be honest, I was slightly concerned traveling to Egypt. Now I look back on our trip to Egypt as one of the best of my life. Thank you again to Amr and the team of EGYPT FOR AMERICANS for providing such an incredible experience. I hope to visit again!"


Stephanie O.

Sep 1, 2019

"We had such a memorable time in Egypt. Staff from EGYPT FOR AMERICANS were the best.

They were so friendly and helpful. I would go back in a heartbeat."


Kara E.

Aug 4, 2019

I would highly recommend traveling to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS.

"I wanted to take my mom on an unforgettable trip to Egypt and EGYPT FOR AMERICANS made it happen. We were in Egypt for 2 weeks and saw so much! Our EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' guides Gaber, Magdy, and Mohamed were phenomenal. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous of our needs. By the end of the trip in Egypt I felt like we had become good pals. All of the drivers and vehicles were excellent and accommodating. They always had cold water ready when we needed it. I also appreciated having an EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' representative at the airport to help us through security and checking bags. The hotels that were arranged did not disappoint. I would highly recommend traveling to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS."

Kristen 1 copy10

Kristen S.

July 22, 2019

After extensive online research, I decided to go with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, and I'm so glad I did.

"I have always wanted to visit Egypt, and decided this year to just go! After extensive online research, I decided to go with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, and I'm so glad I did. I felt very accommodated, and everyone cared that I was safe and having an amazing time. I always had someone to check in with, and people looking out for me. My guides were fantastic, and as a solo female traveler who doesn't speak Arabic, I was nervous to go, but quickly felt comfortable as soon as I arrived. I highly recommend EGYPT FOR AMERICANS Company"


Vanessa E.

June 21, 2019

We felt safe, and we would highly recommend visiting Egypt and working with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS!

"At first we were hesitant to visit Egypt, however after speaking with the owner Amr we decided to go. We took our two kids, ages 2 and 5, and so happy we did! The entire EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' staff went above and beyond to ensure we had an incredible experience. They even had Egypt coloring books for the kids! Abdul and Gaber, our tour guides were very knowledgeable. Mohammed, was very helpful with meeting us at the airport upon arrival, checking us in and out of hotels and making sure we all set for departure. We felt safe and saw all the sites we wanted to see. We would highly recommend visiting Egypt and working with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS company!"

Egypt For Americans, Camel ride at the Pyramids, Egypt

Monica M.

I traveled to Egypt by myself (single female), and I felt safe the entire time.

“I traveled to Egypt by myself (single female) on a tour created by Amr.  It was fantastic!  It was a well thought out tour that allowed me to see everything I wanted to see.  I felt safe the entire time.  I would definitely travel with these guides again, and I recommend them to everyone!  My tour covered Cairo and Luxor and everything in between.  It was unforgettable!”

Egypt For Americans, Abu simbel Temples, Egypt

Katie C.

When we arrived in Egypt we were treated like royalty, and when we left we felt like more than just tourists.

“When we arrived in Egypt we were treated like royalty and ferried around to our hotels and sites. The car was always cool (quite a feat in Egypt in the summer), there were always cold drinks available in the vehicle to keep us hydrated and our drivers were very solicitous and informative as they got us efficiently where we needed to go. Our tour guides were phenomenal! They were not only knowledgeable, but somehow in the few days that we were with them we felt like we formed relationships with them.  We won't forget Hassan and Magdi and their kindness while we were in Egypt. They related what it was like to live and work in Egypt and when we left we felt like more than just tourists.”

Egypt For Americans, Giza Pyramids, Egypt

David C.

We would highly recommend a visit to Egypt

“We traveled to Egypt in 2015 and were absolutely thrilled with the tour that Amr set up for us! We related to Amr the highlights that we were interested in seeing and a bit about our travel style. He literally did everything else. Some of our favorite things besides the amazing pyramids and tombs, were our ride on the Nile river, the views from the botanical gardens on Elephantine Island, Abu Simbel at Lake Nasser, Philae Temple and the falafel at the bazaar in Cairo. Our tour in Egypt was very personalized and it delighted us and changed us! We would highly recommend a visit to Egypt facilitated by Amr and his crew!“

Egypt For Americans, Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

Dee D.

We are looking forward to booking our next vacation with you!

“My husband John and I first met Amr when he was our tour director based in Cairo for our 18-day dream vacation to Egypt in March of 2010.  Amr managed our tour from start to finish, making sure we got taken care of at every point of the itinerary with beautiful hotels and a driver and Egyptologist.  He did a superb job and we got to know him quite well during those few weeks.  He made our vacation a wonderful experience we will always remember. We are looking forward to booking our next vacation with you!”

Visit and tour Egypt 2020/2021 with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS

6 Days



Explore Egypt's two largest cities on this six-day land adventure Egypt 2020/2021 tour from USA for Americans.  See the magnificent Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara while discovering the great Islamic and Christian monuments in Cairo.  Enjoy life on historic Egyptian streets where the locals tend to mingle with the visitors.  Then travel to the city of Alexandria to see the Roman and Greek influences.  We can't leave Alexandria before we acknowledge its great contribution to the area of academics through its magnificent library.


7 Days



Explore Egypt's famous sites in this seven-day land Egypt 2020/2021 tour adventure from the USA .  This 7 days Egypt tour adventure begins in Cairo by visiting the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World--the Pyramids of Giza.  We spend time interacting with the locals at the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. We will then wonder the famous el-Moez Street as well as spend time with Egyptian artifacts at the world-famous Cairo Museum.  You reach your next stop by a short flight to Luxor where we will visit ancient temples, necropolises, and the Valley of the Kings.  As we take some time enjoying the landscape, we drive toward Aswan--home to the Philae Temple and awe-inspiring Abu Simbel.  Once we've enjoyed our trip to Upper Egypt, we will return to Cairo for our final adventure.


8 Days



Travel to many of Egypt's most influential sites on this eight-day Egypt 2020/2021 land and river tour adventure from America.  Start your vacation in the bustling city of Cairo where you'll visit the Great Pyramids, Serapeum, and Coptic Cairo.  Then, take a short flight to the magnificent town of Luxor to explore Karnak, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  Board a ship and sail on the Nile, stopping at Edfu and Kom Ombo before arriving at the beautiful city of Aswan.  Venture to Abu Simbel and be amazed by this lasting monument to human ingenuity before returning to Cairo for a final adventure.


12 Days



Give yourself the chance to visit most of Egypt's star-studded sites on this 12-day Egyptian land and river adventure with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS.  Visit the Pyramids of Giza, explore the tunnels of the Serapeum, and see the early attempts at pyramid building.  Take a day trip to the beautiful Qaroon Lake in Fayoum where you will see farms, lakes, and ancient whale bones.  Fly to Luxor where you'll visit Karnak, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hathshepsut's Temple before you set sail for Aswan.  Enjoy stops at Edfu and Kom Ombo then get prepared to see the incredible Abu Simbel, and the picturesque Philae Temple.  Once the cruise concludes, return to Cairo to experience many more wonders:  museums, Islamic and Christian monuments, and the bustling Khan el-Khalili Bazaar.  This trip would not be complete without heading too the Mediterranean to visit Egypt's second largest city--Alexandria.

Why Tour Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS ?

EGYPT FOR AMERICANS is an American/Egyptian US based tour company. We create exceptional travel experiences specially catered for our fellow Americans. We have over sixteen years of experience creating, operating, managing, guiding, and directing tours on the ground. Egypt and Beyond tours from USA is all we do. We do it authentically...the food to indulge, the awe-inspiring sights to explore, the locals to mingle with, and the Egyptologists tour guides escorting you through the footsteps of these amazing ancient cultures. Through our American and Egyptian heritage, we believe we have the best of both worlds. Not only will we provide deep insights into the region's history and culture, but we will also provide the perfect bridge between all these cultures.

US based with local Egyptian knowledge

We have over 16 years working in the Egyptian tourism business—designing trips to Egypt, giving tours, coordinating schedules and itineraries, and running tour groups throughout Egypt.  As an American-Egyptian family business, we enjoy providing our fellow Americans with authentic experiences that cater to their needs.  Our Egypt tours from USA are designed, handled, and operated exclusively for Americans.  Travelers living in different countries often differ from Americans in how they like to travel.  As a result, we want a company that focuses on Americans and their traveling preferences. We are also based in the US, so we are easily able to answer questions quickly while we also maintain our great relations with hotels, cruise companies, guides, and other vendors in Egypt.  This allows us to provide a truly wonderful Egypt vacation for Americans.

More Inclusions, Better Value

EGYPT FOR AMERICANS provides value-driven experiences. This means we will include more sites and activities in your original itinerary than other companies. Some of the inclusions in our itineraries are Abu Simbel, Deir el Medina, Serapeum, St. Simon Cathedral, and Coptic Cairo. Other companies will list them as extra tours while you are in Egypt. Our Egypt tours from USA for Americans provide a complete Egyptian travel experience from the food you indulge to the sites you explore. We know your trip to Egypt will most likely be a once in a lifetime experience. That said, we want you to leave Egypt knowing you have fully immersed yourself in the Egyptian culture. EGYPT FOR AMERICANS constantly is looking for unique but significant experiences to include in our itineraries as we deliver our value promise.


You have more choices when traveling to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS on any of our Egypt private tours.  First, you choose when your Egyptian adventure begins and ends, so you do not have to stick with set departure for a group itinerary.  If you have a specific date you want to travel, a specific number of days you can only spend on your vacation, we will accommodate it . EGYPT FOR AMERICANS wants you to see Egypt when you want to, not like other companies, when they want you to go.

In addition, you can choose if you would like a private Egypt tour or a group tour to Egypt. If you prefer a private tour, we will personalize the best Egypt vacation for you and your party.  If you prefer to meet fellow American travelers on your journey, you will get to choose any of EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' small group tour dates. We run our private Egypt tours as small as a single traveler and as many as 8 travelers, and for our group tours as small as 10 travelers and as many as 20 travelers in one tour to insure you the best Experience in the beautiful Egypt.

In addition, should you wish to add an experience or a destination to one of our tours, tweak our itineraries a little bit, or even use customize your own tour page, we will gladly work with you. We want you to do everything you wish.  The sky’s the limit when you plan and travel to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS.

Private Egyptologist

It is vital when you travel to Egypt that you have an expert in Ancient Egyptian history and architecture. This expert can help explain and interpret the Ancient Egyptian mystery and sites. That's why you are in Egypt, isn't it?  When you are touring Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, we provide you with highly qualified Egyptologists who are capable of sharing and teaching you about the splendors of Egypt.

24/7 Local Assistance

When you visit Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, you will be assigned one of our local office representatives. They will take care of you every step of the way, and they are our quality insurance personnel on the ground. They will check on you daily, and they will be on call 24/7 for your assistance.

Top Quality Accommodations

We know one of the best ways to enjoy a trip to Egypt is to stay in a place where you feel safe and secure.  EGYPT FOR AMERICANS also makes sure the hotels in Egypt are up to the US standards. As a result, our private tours in Egypt from USA for Americans are 5-star accommodations, and are centrally located to provide all our travelers in Egypt an opportunity to enjoy the Egyptian local life.

Women in Egypt | Female Traveler | What to wear in Egypt?

Okay, let’s talk fashion—women’s fashion(clothes to wear in Egypt).  Surely you’ve heard that women in Egypt cover up when they are out and about.  Maybe you’ve heard that their clothing is restrictive, and they only show their eyeballs and their hands.  It could be, that as a woman, female traveler and tourist, you might be…


Khan El Khalili Bazaar | Cairo, Egypt | Mingle with real local Egyptians in the region’s oldest Souk dates back to 1382.

If you truly want an Egyptian shopping experience, you must visit the heart of Cairo at the Khan El Khalili Bazaar.  The History of Khan El Khalili This souk, begun between 1382 and 1389, houses hundreds of shops filled with souvenirs, trinkets and traditional crafts.  Sure, you’ll find shopkeepers who lure you into their shops…


The New Grand Egyptian Museum( The GEM) Opening Early 2021

The GEM will be Opening early 2021, however the project will be completed in October 2020. The delay in opening the GEM is due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Egypt will welcome yet another Jewel of the Nile. The Grand Egyptian Museum, aka the GEM.  Currently, many artifacts await their debuts in the basement of…


Petra | Jordan | Wonder of the World!

Tour and Visit Petra, Jordan; One of the new Seven Wonders of the World.  Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, It is a must see and visit in Jordan.  It was most likely settled as early as 9,000 BCE and was potentially designated as the capital city of the Nabataeans, nomads from…


Egypt Group Tours vs. Private Egypt Tours | The Better way to visit Egypt.

Private Egypt Tours vs. Egypt Group Tours; Today I went to a training session to improve my skills.  One of the perks for the day came in the form of two words—LUNCH PROVIDED.  I was a little excited to see what I was going to eat, and when it arrived, I was indeed mostly pleased. …


Burj Khalifa | Dubai | The World Tallest Building | Must visit in Dubai

What makes a building tall?  According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, three criteria define tall buildings.  First, its height is measured from the lowest open-air pedestrian entrance to the architectural top of the building—not including technical equipment.  Second, its height is measured from the lowest open-air pedestrian entrance to the highest…


Wadi Rum | Jordan | The vast, most beautiful and cinematographic desert in the Middle East

Have you ever wanted to visit the site where a movie was filmed?  Wadi Rum, located in southern Jordan, is just the spot.  Increasingly, filmmakers have been utilizing the vast and beautiful desert of Wadi Rum to create cinematographic masterpieces.  If you’ve seen any of the following movies, you’ve experienced a moment or two in…


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | Abu Dhabi | UAE | The third place winner for Best Landmarks in the World

Visit TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice third place winner for Best Landmarks in the World—Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  The Youngest World Landmark Its completion in 2007 places Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as the youngest world landmark on the list; however, it definitely deserves its place.  Its marble mosaic courtyard, hand-tied…


The Catacombs | Alexandria | Egypt | 99 steps deep cemetery dates back to the Greco-Roman Time.

One day in 1900, a man was maneuvering his donkey-drawn cart down the road.  As he did, he received quite a shock when his cart fell into a pit. This unforeseen accident led others to an astounding archaeological find—the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa.  The history of Kom El Shoqafa Catacombs The Catacombs were likely…


The Mount of Temptation | Where Jesus was tempted by the devil during his 40 day and 40 night fast.

The Mount of Temptation, as it is commonly called, is a mountain in the Judean Desert where Jesus was tempted by the devil during his 40 day and 40 night fast.  Though the exact location of this Biblical event is not known. Mount Quarantania, also known as Jabal al-Qarantal, is the site ascribed to the…


Bethlehem | Jesus’ Birth Town

“Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie…”  Today, Bethlehem is a bustling little town that holds the beautiful memories of Jesus’ birth.  25,000 people live within the city limits of Bethlehem, and the city looks forward to those people who are on a pilgrimage to visit Christ’s birthplace.  Located inside the…


Sharm El Sheikh | Egypt | The Best Resort Town in the Red Sea

Looking for travel to a resort area?  Head to Sharm El Sheikh.  Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm is replete with adventure and eco-tourism opportunities.  Not only do foreign tourists enjoy Sharm, but it is also a popular destination for many native Egyptians. Sharm El Sheikh overlooks the Straits of Tiran…


5 Reasons why traveling abroad is right for you…

Do you long for a sense of adventure?  Are you interested in learning something new?  Would you be willing to try something you’ve never tried?  If so, pack your bags because traveling is just right for you.  Travel has the ability to test your willingness to take risks, but it also has the incredible power…


Mount Nebo | Jordan | Where Moses looked in on the promised land

A visit to Mount Nebo is a must when visiting Jordan. The Hebrew Bible mentioned this site. It is the location where Moses looked in on the Promised Land.  He was forbidden to enter, but from here, Moses was able to see the Jordan River Valley with views of the Dead Sea, Jericho, Bethlehem, and the…


Queen Hatshepsut | The Most Powerful Woman in Ancient Egypt

One of the easiest, modern and funniest ways to pronounce her name is hot-chicken-soup 😊 Hatshepsut’s Path to The throne of Egypt Hatshepsut was quite the lady. Her father was Thutmose I, and her mother was his primary wife Ahmose. Obviously many pharaohs had multiple wives as did Thutmose I, for his son–and Hatshepsut’s husband/half-brother–Thutmose…


Making Papyrus at the Pyramids by American Teachers

Majestic…that’s how I would describe the pyramids. You honestly can’t imagine the magnitude of them, until you are really close to them.  Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at the foot of the tallest man made structure.  No, they aren’t the tallest now, but the Great Pyramid held the record—for thousands of years—the tallest…


Coptic Cairo | Egypt | The Church hanging in mid-air

The Hanging Church or Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in Cairo, Egypt. It is located in Old Cairo, they built this Basilican-styled church atop a gatehouse of the Babylon Fortress. The name Hanging Church is because its suspended nave over a passageway, so it appears to be hanging in…


6 Things to do before your next overseas trip

In less than two weeks, I’m leaving with a group for a wonderful Egyptian adventure.  Though I’ve been to Egypt many times, my mind has been occupied for the last month with how do you prepare for a trip abroad.  I’m a frequent traveler. Preparing for a trip should be second nature for me. However,…


St. Bishoy Monastery | Egypt

As we Americans stop to celebrate the Easter holiday, Coptic Christians in Egypt will wait to celebrate Easter until Sunday, April 28, 2019.  Sunday April 21, 2019 began their Holy Week.  During the Lenten season, Copts take part in “The Great Fast”, in which they fast from all animal products including milk, butter and cheese. …


St.Catherine Monastery | The Burning Bush of Moses | Mount Sinai | Egypt

Would you ever imagine that the Burning Bush of Moses’ time would still be around today?  If you visit St. Catherine Monastery , formally known as the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai, you will see what is believed to be the Burning Bush.  When I visited St. Catherine’s Monastery at the base of…



I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling with a child, and this time I took my niece on a trip.  We ended up going to Gulf Shores, Alabama and had an amazing time.  She’s now 10 and hadn’t flown in a plane since she was three.  Needless to say, she was a bit nervous prior…


St.Simon Monastery | The Cave Church | Cairo | Egypt

Heading to church in a cave is most likely a unique experience.  However, over 20,000 Christians gather weekly to worship at Cairo’s Cave Church.  The cave is also known as the Monastery of Saint Simon, and it is located in the Mokattam Mountain.  Who is St. Simon? Before we add any details, let’s first talk…


THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA were NOT the first to be constructed!!!

When people think of Egypt, they usually think about the Egyptian Pyramids.  And, when they think about pyramids, they usually think about the Great Pyramids of Giza.  However, these pyramids were not the first to be constructed. To find that pyramid, we have to go back even further to the time of the vizier Imhotep…


Who designed and implemented the plans to build the Ancient Egyptian structures | WORKERS IN ANCIENT EGYPT

The structures built in Egypt are true wonders of human ingenuity.  Their thoughtful construction not only provide awe-inspired views, but they also increase the questions we generate when admiring them.  How were all these things built? How long did it take? And, more importantly, who were the ones who designed and implemented the plans to…


SERAPEUM OF SAQQARA | The Unsolved Mystery of Ancient Egypt

Are you looking for an unsolved mystery?  Do you want to put your detective skills to the test?  If so, you might be needed at the Serapeum of Saqqara. Imagine for a moment that there are writings that tell of the Serapeum, but somehow they have mysteriously disappeared.  Also, imagine there was a mummy that…


The Sun amazingly Illuminates 3 of the 4 sanctuary statues twice a year | ABU SIMBEL TEMPLES

Have you ever stood somewhere and wondered how in the world did they do this? If not, you will when you are in Egypt.  And in Egypt, even the experts are still wondering exactly how Ancient Egyptians did things. For me, the beginning of those questions began at Abu Simbel. The History and dedications of…


The Ancient EGYPTIAN SCARAB BEETLE | SCARY? Sacred? Lucky?

When I was a little girl, my mom had this bracelet that always caught my attention.  She called it a scarab bracelet, and it had many different colored rocks that were etched and encircled by gold.  Each of the encircled stones were connected to one another, forming the bracelet.  I loved that bracelet because it…



YOU DO NEED TRAVEL COMPANY FOR YOUR EGYPT TOUR AND HERE IS WHY. Unless you speak Arabic, are willing to take your own life into your hands by driving in Cairo, or you want to try to figure out the unpredictable transportation schedules, then you NEED a travel company to help you plan your vacation…


Open or Shut? How do you feel about opening a Sarcophagus on live TV?

On Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:00PM (EST), a sarcophagus will be opened on live TV. It is such a big deal that the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Science Channel will simulcast the show on each of their stations. The episode comes with the oversight of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities; Mostafa Waziri is…


5 Reasons Why Egypt should be your next overseas trip | Why visit Egypt?

“When we flew to Egypt, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was a little more nervous than I had been before because the news often had negative things to say about the Middle East, and I knew it was going to be HOT.  Would I be able to enjoy a trip where the…

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