Frequently Asked Questions About Egypt and Beyond Tours for Americans

You probably have many questions while planning your Egypt tour from the USA, so we included below some FAQ by our American customers. Whether you wonder if it is safe to travel to Egypt as a tourist from America, the best time to visit Egypt, or do you need a visa to visit Egypt, find the answers to many of these FAQ about Egypt here.

Yes, it is safe to travel to Egypt. Keep in mind your safety is our top priority, so if a destination from your itinerary unexpectedly lists as “do not travel” on the US State Department website, we will either provide an alternative, equivalent destination or cancel tours during this time period. You will be reimbursed or rescheduled. Please check our blog for more details about Is Egypt safe for Americans and why? .  

The best time to visit Egypt is from October to April, however the prices for Egypt tours tend to be lower from May to September. 

Yes, you must have a visa to visit Egypt. You can obtain a tourist visa, valid for 30 days, upon arrival in Cairo Airport for $25"cash" a person (RECOMMENDED). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates with at least one blank visa page. You might apply for an e-visa here which is more expensive and time consuming.

EGYPT FOR AMERICANS recommends a minimum of 8 days to cover most of Egypt highlights.


Unless you speak Arabic, are willing to take your own life into your hands by driving in Cairo, or you want to try to figure out the unpredictable transportation schedules, then you NEED a travel company to help you plan your vacation in Egypt. (And, Egypt for Americans is exceptional! Read the full article here.

If you are an American wanting to tour Egypt, we are EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, and we are here for you. EGYPT FOR AMERICANS is an American/Egyptian US based tour company. We create exceptional travel experiences specially catered for our fellow Americans. We have over sixteen years of experience creating, operating, managing, guiding, and directing tours on the ground. Egypt and Beyond tours from USA is all we do. We do it authentically...the food to indulge, the awe-inspiring sights to explore, the locals to mingle with, and the Egyptologists/tour guides escorting you through the footsteps of these amazing ancient cultures.

Surely you’ve heard that women in Egypt cover up when they are out and about.  Maybe you’ve heard that their clothing is restrictive, and they only show their eyeballs and their hands.  It could be, that as a woman, female traveler and tourist, you might be concerned about your travel in Egypt.  Coming from a non-Egyptian, non-Muslim woman, I want to assure you that there is no particular dress code for female traveler or tourist in Egypt. 

First and foremost, remember you are heading to another country.  Not only is it a different country, but the language and the predominant religion is not part of mainstream America. Therefore, when you enter Egypt, you might notice an increased use of scarf or head covering and minority wearing Niqab (covering the face).  Generally, men and women will be more modest in what they wear.  However, you will also notice women who don’t have either a scarf or Niqab.  This could mean these women are non-Muslims( 10-15 % of Egypt Population are Christians), but it could also mean these women are more relaxed with their religion.  In other words, there is not one way that women in Egypt express their Muslim beliefs. However there is no specific dress code for female traveler or tourist in Egypt, I still want to explain and suggest a few things for your consideration.

As for clothes not to wear in Egypt especially outside of tourist destinations, you will likely not see women wearing shorts (especially short shorts), and it is quite possible the women will not expose cleavage or wear tight fitting clothing. This will also vary based on where you are in Egypt. It is more modern in the big cities, while it tends to be more traditional when you move to small cities, towns and villages. When you move toward the resort areas like Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, or even in the tourist destinations and sights; things and clothes to wear in this part of Egypt will definitely be much more relaxed.

The point is, as a female traveler or tourist in Egypt just be mindful of the culture you are visiting.  If possible, avoid tight fitting clothes that expose your cleavage.  Try to keep shorts to the resort and tourist areas, and—no matter where you are—if you are wearing something that falls at the knee, or you even have on short sleeved shirts, no one will make a fuss.

Generally, Egypt has a desert climate. The climate features:

  • Beautiful Season; November to March ( average temperature 65°-75° F )

  • Mild Season; April, May, September and October ( average temperature 75°-85° F )

  • Hot Season; June to August ( average temperature 90°-100° F )

The Egyptian pound is the official currency in Egypt. The US dollar is widely accepted in Egypt. ATM is pretty much everywhere in Egypt, just make sure you let your bank know about your trip to Egypt before you leave the states. When you travel to Egypt with EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, we take care of many cash transactions for you. Gratuity is the only cash you might want to take care of when you receive exceptional services, and you could tip in US dollar.

Egyptian customs differ from the US customs due to the cultural and religious differences. Here are some Egyptian customs to observe when visiting Egypt:

  • Most women in Egypt behave conservatively with strangers.
  • Normal contact is quite acceptable, but intimate actions in public and outside tourist destinations are not common.
  • Mosques in Egypt require visitors to remove their shoes before entering.
  • Gratuity is a custom in Egypt. You could tip in Egypt when you receive exceptional service.
  • It is not recommended to discuss politics and religion with strangers, however we absolutely recommend for you to discuss all your questions about Egypt with your private EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' Egyptologist.
  • It is not allowed to take photos of soldiers, tanks or any other military property.

Yes, you do not need to live in the United States to book any of our tours. EGYPT FOR AMERICANS offers Egypt tour packages catered especially for Americans even if you live abroad.

You should book your Egypt tour as soon as you are certain about your dates, and the earlier is the better. EGYPT FOR AMERICANS wants to secure the best available hotels, cruise, and Egyptologist for you.

EGYPT FOR AMERICANS only uses four- and mostly five-star accommodations for all our tour packages.

To ensure the best experience in Egypt, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS allows a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 travelers on the same tour. However, if your family and/or friends desire to travel together in the same private tour, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS will be able to accommodate it. Please contact us for more details.

Absolutely, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS welcome solo travelers on any of our Egypt tours.

You must be at least 21 years old when booking our tours. Minors are welcome to be in any of our tours when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Please be aware hotels are handicapped accessible, however, many of the sites might not be as easily accessible. Most of our tours may require 2-3 miles walking per day. Those over 70 should have a doctor’s note clearing you for travel.

EGYPT FOR AMERICANS is US based tour company, and we do accept all major credit and debit cards in the US. We also accept cash, certified check, money order, and bank wire or transfer.

Yes, you can securely pay EGYPT FOR AMERICANS( US based tour company) for your tour online. You will receive your invoice from us with an internal secured link to pay online.

In all our tour packages, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS keeps you busy and make sure we include as much as your time allows within our tour packages. However, if you wish to add extra/optional tours, we will provide them. There is no obligation as your tour is already designed for a full experience in the first place.

Yes, you will not only have Wi-Fi available in hotels and cruises, but EGYPT FOR AMERICANS also provides Wi-Fi in your vehicle while you are touring.

Yes, you could add tour extensions to your Egypt tour while you are in the region. TOURS FOR AMERICANS owns and operates EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, and we are not only the tour experts in Egypt but also in the Middle East...

You will receive your tour documents electronically 2 to 4 weeks before the start of your tour.

Yes, EGYPT FOR AMERICANS is a wholesale Egypt tour operator and cooperates with travel agents across the United States. If you are a local travel agent, please email us to sign up for our travel agents program.

No, international flights are not included in our tour packages. However you could follow this link for some great flight deals.

No, we do not include travel insurance in our packages, but we strongly recommend for you to secure a good travel insurance plan when traveling overseas. Please follow this link for some best travel insurance quotes.
We include gratuity for most of the services you will receive while you are in Egypt but tipping for tour guides and drivers is not included. We will provide you with tipping suggestions if you would like to tip after receiving exceptional service.