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TOURS FOR AMERICANS is all about "Connecting Cultures". Our mission is to connect the American culture with primarily the Egyptian culture. We created our blog where you have the opportunity to read articles, updates, information, and news about Egypt & Beyond. If you are interested in learning, reading about Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and getting inspired to tour Egypt & Beyond, you may check this page regularly.

Egypt For Americans offers you 5 private Egypt tour packages ranging from six to twelve days, small group tour, customize your own Egypt tour from scratch and add tour extensions to visit Jordan, Israel, Dubai and Abu Dhabi...



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You could also add few days while in the region to visit Jordan, Jerusalem, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

New Discovery in Saqqara Egypt
New Discovery in Saqqara Egypt
Be prepared for an updated history book!  New discovery in Saqqara Egypt was released this week, and they will forever change the way people interpret the 18th and 19th dynasties of the New Kingdom.  An Egyptian mission working in the Saqqara antiquities area next to the pyramid of King Teti (first king of the Sixth…
The Sphinx of Giza Egypt
5,000-year-old Relic from the Great Pyramid of Giza uncovered in cigar box in Scotland
Have you ever forgotten where you placed something?  For me, it is usually something that I had just been holding in my hand.  Well, just recently a curatorial assistant at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland made an amazing discovery–or rediscovery as the case may be—of something that was hiding in plain sight. The 5,000 years…
The Grand Egyptian Museum-The GEM- The Largest Archaeological Museum in the World- Egypt New Museum- The GEM 2020
The New Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) Opening Late 2021
The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) will be Opening late 2021, however the project will be completed late 2020. The delay in opening the GEM is due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Egypt will welcome yet another Jewel of the Nile. The Grand Egyptian Museum, aka the GEM.  Currently, many artifacts await their debuts in the…
Women in Egypt-female traveler in Egypt- tourist dress code in Egypt-
Women in Egypt | Female Traveler | What to wear in Egypt?
Okay, let’s talk fashion—women’s fashion(clothes to wear in Egypt).  Surely you’ve heard that women in Egypt cover up when they are out and about.  Maybe you’ve heard that their clothing is restrictive, and they only show their eyeballs and their hands.  It could be, that as a woman, female traveler and tourist, you might be…
Khan El Khalili- Cairo - Cairo Oldest Souk-Mingle with real local Egyptians-Best Cairo Tours-Cairo Tours-Egypt Tours-Must see in Cairo-Must see in Egypt
Khan El Khalili Bazaar | Cairo, Egypt | Mingle with real local Egyptians in the region’s oldest Souk dates back to 1382.
If you truly want an Egyptian shopping experience and mingle with real Egyptian locals, you must visit the heart of Cairo at the Khan El Khalili Market and Bazaar.  The History of Khan El Khalili Market This souk, begun between 1382 and 1389, houses hundreds of shops filled with souvenirs, trinkets and traditional crafts.  Sure,…
The Treasury of Little Petra in Jordan
Petra | Jordan | Wonder of the World!
Tour and Visit Petra, Jordan; One of the new Seven Wonders of the World.  Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, It is a must see and visit in Jordan.  The History of Petra and the Nabataeans It was most likely settled as early as 9,000 BCE and was potentially designated as the…
Private Tours-Private Touring- Private Egypt Tours-Egypt and Beyond- Egypt Authentic Travel Experiences- Egypt Private Tours-Egypt For Americans-Egypt Tours For Americans-Best Tours to Egypt-Best Egypt Tours-trip to Egypt-tour in Egypt-Egypt Private Tours-Private Egypt Tours-Egypt Private Tour-Private Egypt Tour-Tours to Egypt from USA-Tours to Egypt from America-Egypt Tours
Egypt Group Tours vs Private Egypt Tours | The Better way to visit Egypt.
Private Egypt Tours versus Egypt Group Tours; Today I went to a training session.  One of the perks for the day came in the form of two words—LUNCH PROVIDED.  I was a little excited to see what I was going to eat, and when it arrived, I was indeed mostly pleased.  We had boxed lunches. …
Burj Khalifa must see and visit in Dubai
Burj Khalifa Dubai | The World Tallest Building | Must visit in Dubai
What makes a building tall?  According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, three criteria define tall buildings.  First, its height is measured from the lowest open-air pedestrian entrance to the architectural top of the building—not including technical equipment.  Second, its height is measured from the lowest open-air pedestrian entrance to the highest…
Camping at Wadi Rum Jordan
Wadi Rum | Jordan | The vast, most beautiful and cinematographic desert in the Middle East
Have you ever wanted to visit the site where a movie was filmed?  Wadi Rum, located in southern Jordan, is just the spot.  Increasingly, filmmakers have been utilizing this vast and beautiful Jordan’s desert to create cinematographic masterpieces.  If you’ve seen any of the following movies, you’ve experienced a moment or two in Wadi Rum,…