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Egypt For Americans is all about "Connecting Two Cultures". We aim to connecting the American culture with primarily the Egyptian culture. We created the About Egypt page as our blog where you have the opportunity to read articles, updates, information, and news about Egypt. If you are interested in learning, reading about Egypt and getting inspired to tour Egypt, you may check this page regularly. Egypt For Americans offers you four Egypt Tour Packages ranging from six to twelve days. Captivating Cairo and Alluring Alexandria(6 days/5 nights) provides you with a great insight into the two major cities of Egypt- Cairo and Alexandria. Exquisite Egypt(7 days/6 nights) is a land only tour package covering the valley of the river Nile from Cairo to Abu Simbel. Egypt Enchants is the 8 days/7 nights land and Nile river adventure including four nights on one of the luxurious Nile Cruises. Eternal Egypt tour package(12 days/11 nights) not only provides the land and Nile river adventure from Cairo to Abu Simbel, but also takes you on an exceptional Egypt experience in both Alexandria, the second largest city of Egypt, and Fayoum the peaceful country side town with its unique hand craft pottery. You could also compare all our four Egypt tour packages and start planning your amazing Egypt adventure today. Not only you could make changes to any of the above tour packages as your private Egypt tour package, but you could also customize your Egypt tour package from scratch with the help, knowledge and expertise of our Egyptian tour expert based here in the US. 

Camels at the Pyramids

The Pyramids and Making Papyrus by American Teachers

Majestic…that’s how I would describe the pyramids.  Until you are really close to them, you honestly can’t imagine the magnitude of them.  Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at the foot of the tallest man made structure.  No, they aren’t the tallest now, but the Great Pyramid held the record—for thousands of years—for…
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The Hanging Church in Cairo

The Hanging Church at Cairo

The Hanging Church at Cairo, also known as Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, is one of the oldest churches found in Cairo.  Located in Old Cairo, this Basilican-styled church was built atop a gatehouse of the Babylon Fortress.  It has been named the Hanging Church because its nave is suspended over a passageway.  The…
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Overseas Trip

6 Things to do before your overseas trip

In less than two weeks, I’m leaving with a group for a wonderful Egyptian adventure.  Though I’ve been to Egypt many times, my mind has been occupied for the last month with how do you prepare for a trip abroad.  I’m a frequent traveler. Preparing for a trip should be second nature for me. However,…
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Churches and Monastries in Egypt

St. Bishoy Monastery

As we Americans stop to celebrate the Easter holiday, Coptic Christians in Egypt will wait to celebrate Easter until Sunday, April 28, 2019.  Sunday April 21, 2019 began their Holy Week.  During the Lenten season, Copts take part in “The Great Fast”, in which they fast from all animal products including milk, butter and cheese. …
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The Burning Bush

St.Catherine Monastery, The Burning Bush & Mt.Sinai

Would you ever imagine that the Burning Bush of Moses’ time would still be around today?  If you visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, formally known as the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai, you will see what is believed to be the Burning Bush.  When I visited St. Catherine’s Monastery at the base of Mt.…
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St. Simon Monastery at Cairo

St.Simon Monastery at Cairo

Heading to church in a cave is most likely a unique experience.  However, over 20,000 Christians gather weekly to worship at Cairo’s Cave Church.  The cave is also known as the Monastery of Saint Simon, and it is located in the Mokattam Mountain.  Before we add any details, let’s first talk about St. Simon and…
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Gulf Shore-Alabama


I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling with a child, and this time I took my niece on a trip.  We ended up going to Gulf Shores, Alabama and had an amazing time.  She’s now 10 and hadn’t flown in a plane since she was three.  Needless to say, she was a bit nervous prior…
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Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Egypt Enchants, 8 Days in Egypt


When people think of Egypt, they usually think about pyramids.  And, when they think about pyramids, they usually think about the Great Pyramids of Giza.  However, these pyramids were not the first to be constructed. To find that pyramid, we have to go back even further to the time of the vizier Imhotep and his…
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Deir El-Medina, Luxor

Deir El-Medina, Luxor

The structures built in Egypt are true wonders of human ingenuity.  Their thoughtful construction and attention to detail not only provide awe-inspired views but they also increase the questions we generate when admiring them.  How were all these things built? How long did it take? And, more importantly, who were the ones who designed and…
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Serapeum Of Saqqara


Are you looking for an unsolved mystery?  Do you want to put your detective skills to the test?  If so, you might be needed at the Serapeum of Saqqara. Imagine for a moment that there are writings that tell of the Serapeum, but somehow they have mysteriously disappeared.  Also, imagine there was a mummy that…
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Abu Simbel, Egypt, Eternal Egypt, 12 Days in Egypt


Have you ever stood somewhere and wondered how in the world did they do this? If not, you will when you are in Egypt.  And in Egypt, even the experts are still wondering exactly how things were done. For me, the beginning of those questions began at Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel is located about 20…
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Egyptian Scarab Beetle


When I was a little girl, my mom had this bracelet that always caught my attention.  She called it a scarab bracelet, and it had many different colored rocks that were etched and encircled by gold.  Each of the encircled stones were connected to one another, forming the bracelet.  I loved that bracelet because it…
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YOU DO NEED TRAVEL COMPANY FOR YOUR EGYPT TOUR AND HERE IS WHY. Unless you speak Arabic, are willing to take your own life into your hands by driving in Cairo, or you want to try to figure out the unpredictable transportation schedules, then you NEED a travel company to help you plan your vacation…
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Egyptian Sarcophagus on Live TV

Open or Shut? How do you feel about opening a Sarcophagus on live TV?

On Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:00PM (EST), a sarcophagus will be opened on live TV. It is such a big deal that the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Science Channel will simulcast the show on each of their stations. The episode comes with the oversight of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities; Mostafa Waziri is…
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Sphinx, Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Eternal Egypt, 12 Days in Egypt

Why Visit Egypt?

“When we flew to Egypt, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was a little more nervous than I had been before because the news often had negative things to say about the Middle East, and I knew it was going to be HOT.  Would I be able to enjoy a trip where the…
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Islamic Cairo, Walking Tour in El Moez Street, Cairo, Egypt

Is Egypt Safe For Americans?

One of the top questions I always am asked when I return to the United States from Egypt is, “Is it really safe over there?”  Unequivocally, I always tell them yes.  In all my travels I’ve never had a time when I felt unsafe.  I have toured solo, I have toured with my friend, and…
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River Nile, Aswan, Egypt

Face Your International Travel Fears

Have you ever been overseas? Do you fear international travel? Do you fear traveling to some destinations? Learn how Rebecca faced her fears… When I first took the leap into international travel, I really wasn’t sure what I liked.  I was a college student and saw a three week trip, offered for credit, to Mexico. …
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