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EGYPT FOR AMERICANS, the Egypt tours' expert in America, offers Egypt tour packages for every American. Our private and guided Egypt tour packages can be personalized to your own travel needs. Our services and a designated team will be dedicated just for your party. You may also join one of our group tour dates ,take advantage of our group tour rate, enjoy EGYPT FOR AMERICANS' top quality guides ,experts, and travel services in a small group comfort, and share Egypt with other fellow American travelers. Compare our hand picked Egypt tour packages at a glance!

  • Duration
  • Travelers per Tour
  • Runs
  • Accommodations
  • Towns Visited
  • Cairo/LXR & ASW/Cairo
  • Luxor to Aswan
  • Abu Simbel
  • Attractions Included
  • Meals Included
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Book any of our tour packages by September 30, 2020 & travel on any tour date up to May 2022.

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