6 Things to prepare for your next overseas trip from USA

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In less than two weeks, I’m leaving with a group for a wonderful Egyptian adventure.  Though I’ve been to Egypt many times, my mind has been occupied for the last month with how do you prepare for a trip abroad and what is my checklist to do.  I’m a frequent traveler. Preparing for a trip…

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Saint Bishoy Monastery | Wadi El Natrun | Egypt

Saint Bishoy Monastery in Wadi El Natrun Egypt

As we Americans stop to celebrate the Easter holiday, Coptic Christians in Egypt still celebrate their Easter. During the Lenten season, Coptic Christians take part in “The Great Fast”; in which they fast from all animal products including milk, butter and cheese.  In addition, they spend Holy Week (the time between Palm Sunday and Easter…

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Saint Catherine Monastery | The Burning Bush of Moses | Mount Sinai | Egypt

Saint Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai Egypt

The Burning Bush of Moses Would you ever imagine that the Burning Bush of Moses’ time would still be around today?  If you visit Saint Catherine Monastery , formally known as the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai, you will see what is believed to be the Burning Bush.  When I visited Saint Catherine’s…

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