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Is Egypt Safe for American Tourists? (Frequent American Traveler to Egypt sharing their travel experience in Egypt)

One of the top questions I always am asked when I return to the United States from Egypt is, “Is Egypt safe for Americans to travel & tour?”  Unequivocally, I always tell them yes.  In all my travels I’ve never had a time when I felt unsafe.  I have toured solo, I have toured with my friend, and I have toured with my then fiancé and now husband.  I have even lived in an apartment just outside Cairo.  Not once was I treated with anything less than respect, and I never felt nervous or scared…and I don’t speak any Arabic.

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Is Egypt safe for Americans? Yes and Egypt’s Economy relies on Tourism

Tourism and Egypt Economy
Tourism and its impact on Egypt Economy

Tourism is one of the main sources of Egypt’s economy.  As such, the government works very hard to make sure the tourist sites are safe and easy to navigate.  They want people to visit their beautiful sites, and they do not want anything to deter tourists from coming to visit.    Often you will see police security at the sites, and that is fairly common in all the tourist attractions.  Egypt wants all tourists to feel and see the security measures that are in place to make their Egyptian adventure one with the only thing to worry about is if they will have enough time see the magnificent sites.

Is it safe for Americans to visit Egypt? Yes and Millions of Tourists from all over the World visit Egypt.

Giza Pyramids and Camels
Giza Pyramids- The most visited Egypt site by all nations

Along with security, Egypt is preparing their sites for an influx of visitors.  The United Nations World Travel Organization provides a yearly report concerning global travel and tourism.    In their 2018 report, the country that saw the most growth of tourism with a year to year comparison was Egypt.  Its growth was 55.1% from 2016-2017.  That shows an astounding amount of confidence with travelers.  As such, Egypt has been working on a world-class museum in Cairo( The New Grand Egyptian Museum-Opening Early 2021), and they have also restored King Tut’s tomb to help preserve it forever.  Nearly every day I’m reading about the discoveries Egypt is making.  These places are being prepared for tourists because Egypt knows they will be able to provide an amazing and safe experience for its tourists.

Is Egypt safe for American tourists? Yes and the US Department of State lists Egypt as a safe destination to visit.

US Department of State lists Egypt as  a safe destination
US Department of State lists Egypt as a safe destination

Along with my assurances, the US Department of State always provides travel advisories for tourists.  Here is a link to an interactive map that shows all advisory levels for different countries.   So, is Egypt safe for Americans to travel & tour?  I still say yes…unequivocally. EGYPT FOR AMERICANS is glad to help making your trip to Egypt a life time experience. Explore our tour packages here or tailor your own tour here.

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