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Is International Travel a life-changing? (Amazing Story of an American World Traveler and how Traveling Overseas Changed Her Life for the Better)

Have you ever been overseas? Do you fear international travel? Do you fear traveling to some destinations? Learn how Rebecca faced her fears…

When I first took the leap into international travel, I really wasn’t sure what I liked, and I also did not know that Traveling Overseas will be a life changer for me.  I was a college student and saw a three week trip, offered for credit, to Mexico.  This was my chance to start traveling the World, join the club of Americans Traveling the World, and I’d get to see all the ruins and spend time with college students and scholars alike.  It felt like a great opportunity, so I did my best to convince my parents it would be an amazing experience.  My cousin, who was also at college with me, was interested in going too.  After much thought and intense financial finagling, my parents agreed to let me go.  I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait to explore the new and different world. 

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Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your travel dreams

Reach your international travel dreams
Reach your travel dreams

With all the planning, however, one little, unexpected event occurred that offered to derail my plans–my cousin decided not to go.  Now, I’d be traveling internationally with people I really didn’t know.  Did I want to do that?  Did I really want to miss my opportunity to travel the world?

After some time contemplating my options, I decided to face my fears and not give up my dream to be an American World Traveler.  I would go to Mexico without my cousin in the hopes I would still have a great time.  After all, it was a relatively inexpensive way to travel, and I just knew I’d be able to learn new things while practicing my meager Spanish-speaking skills.

Is International Travel rewarding and life changing?

International travel is rewarding
Travel and Introspection

To put it mildly, the trip was a success.  I formed new, lasting friendships.  I visited temples, historic landmarks, cathedrals, museums, and the people of Mexico.  And while we had new, scary experiences–trying hot peppers (not me…I’m not a food adventurer), getting our bus stuck in the middle of a muddy road that led to the top of a mountain, and experiencing the Mexican police boarding our bus in full gear and carrying guns down the aisle to make sure we were safe to enter the country–we also had amazing experiences–climbing to the top of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, watching a flag ceremony by the Mexican army, trying to explain snow to the young children in a field of artifacts, and witnessing the exquisite beauty within another country which was the first lesson I learnt as an American traveling the world.

Mexico was my first trip, but I knew then it wouldn’t be my last.  I started to form my international travel identity learning what I loved and what I could leave out.  That sense of adventure, of trying something new, just grew and grew.  In addition I was able to look back at my goal…learn and grow.  This mission was accomplished, and I’m ever grateful for it. I still travel the world and I always will, because it changed my life then and it always will.

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