Opening Sarcophagus on Live TV

Open or Shut? How do you feel about opening a Sarcophagus on live TV?

On Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:00PM (EST), Egypt will be on American Live TV. A sarcophagus in Egypt will be opened on live TV. It is such a big deal that the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Science Channel will simulcast the show on each of their stations. The episode comes with the oversight of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities; Mostafa Waziri is its head. The show, Expedition Unknown, is hosted by Josh Gates and is sure to create quite a buzz – filmed in Egypt.

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Egyptian Sarcophagus on Live TV
Josh Gates in Egypt for opening Sarcophagus on Live TV

It is hard to fathom the number of artifacts that have been unearthed in Egypt lately. Mummies, tombs, ancient sunken vessels, burial sites…the list goes on…have been found within just the last year. Just when you think nothing more can be found, a hidden chamber in King Tut’s tomb is found. Egypt is teeming with ancient artifacts, and the discoveries will most likely go on for longer than I’m alive. It’s incredible, and this show will continue to support the study of ancient Egyptian artifacts as it seeks to open a sarcophagus in Egypt on American Live TV with popular host Josh Gates.

As exciting as the opening of a sarcophagus on live TV will be, it is still filled with a bit of controversy.

When is it okay to investigate and open items within a long-buried site, and when is it best to leave it alone? I’ve asked that question many times throughout my life, and this is yet another time I ask. But, a part of me is just so curious. What will be inside the sarcophagus? Maybe, they’ll have all the hype, and the coffin will be empty. How will they react? It sure makes for some good TV. In addition, the show has advertised that the sarcophagus has come from a wealthy part of the world. Does that mean the mummy inside, if there is indeed a mummy, could be someone famous? There is every confidence that something is within the sarcophagus, so who could it be? I can’t deny that I’m intrigued.

Josh Gates with Zahi Hawass on their way to opening a sarcophagus on live tv
Josh Gates and Zahi Hawass on the way to the tomb to open the Sarcophagus

There is another part of me, however, that has this feeling that maybe if this sarcophagus has gone these many years without feeling fresh air within, it should be left to rest. We have many mummies already, and honestly, what would one more add to our already unearthed stories? Should we disturb what has been undisturbed for so long?

Ultimately, it’s not up to me. Sunday will come, and there will be a live opening of the sarcophagus. And much as I’m conflicted, I will surely be able to see how an archaeological site operates. I’ll be able to witness the first televised live opening of a sarcophagus. I’ll be able to focus again on the amazing story Egypt holds, and that is something for which I am truly excited.

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